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endovenous laser treatment are a condition that currently mortifies the lives of millions of people around the world. While this condition cannot be corrected permanently, there are different methods that are effective in treating the issue. There are treatments with creams, massage, hydrotherapy, consuming certain foods and herbal teas, through the use of compression stockings, and more radical solutions such as the removal or recanalization of veins. Which varicose veins treatments are right for you?

Is there a cure?

Although a cure is not immediate, if a person can control symptoms and even reverse them, he or she can live a normal life. However, a person suffering from varicose veins should remember that he or she will need special care for life. This usually comes in the form of compression stockings. Some of the symptoms that people usually notice are fatigue, tingling, heaviness, and pain along the affected area. Many of these symptoms are relieved with compression stockings because it helps circulation and can control the formation of varicose veins.

What kind of stockings are available?

Compression stockings will not only control symptoms and reduce treatment times, but they also prevent new varicose veins from appearing. There are all sizes and models for men and women. A stocking is designed to put pressure on the superficial vascular system by preventing blood from pooling, facilitating the return of blood. Compression stockings are not uncomfortable and squeeze gently, allowing the blood to flow back towards the heart. This prevents clotting and pooling. These stockings are very effective before and after surgery, lowering the pain or heaviness in the legs. People should also remember that after varicose veins treatments are performed, the body is less active and therefore the blood is circulating at its optimal pace.

Recommendations for the use of stockings

Do not wear compression stockings while sleeping. The best way to use them is in the morning after waking up, or when laying down or while taking a bath at night. If there is a skin lesion, it must be protected with a special band. People do not need to apply anything under their compression stockings. Treatment should be permanent, so when a person goes to purchase their stockings, just know that this treatment option is for life.

If a person uses creams on their legs, it is important to wait until they are dry before putting your stockings on. Most doctors will tell their patients to have a couple pairs of compression socks on hand in case they need to be changed. Wash with mild soap and dry them outdoors. There are cases where varicose veins treatments are seriously contraindicated. For instance, patients who suffer from venous insufficiency may also suffer from chronic polyarthritis, which are serious disturbances in the body’s nerve function.

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